Heeey ladies...has anyone noticed that there's suprisingly few crossfit bikinis offered online? There are a lot of brands that mention they sell bikinis that can be used for crossfit but they are not specifically made for the special workout challenges of the typical crossfitter. That's like advertising that you sell "Walking & Talking" bikinis because you can do that in them just as well, right?

Here's what you will typically find. This selection is from TYR's "Crossfit Bikini" page:









...which is a whole lot more relevant than Reebok's Google listing for crossfit bikinis. Their page is actually "Crossfit Swimwear". No bikinis. Only two women's styles and ....well, kind of disappointing. 


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 What we did find is a lot of crossfit athletes wearing their favorite bikini styles and brands during workouts so we've gathered a few of those warrior women doing what they do to stay crossfit ripped. 


If anyone knows of a truly "Crossfit Bikini" brand then let us know. We'd love to do a feature article on their story.



 There ya go. The 10 hottest women of crossfit wearing bikinis, which seems to be the hot weather standard for female crossfitters. We're not sure who came up with this list. We think this could be a debatable list.