According to Google Trends the most popular bikini segment is "Competition Bikinis" by far, although the category does seem to have hit a peak and is slowing down. Surprising to us is the crochet bikini category is second and growing. Did anyone else know crochet swimwear is such a popular search?

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A bikini's purpose isn't to be worn. It's for showing you. The best of you. To celebrate who you are this season of your life.

For such a small amount of material, that's a lot of power to bestow a garment. But all of your inner beauty and grace call for no less than the effort you put into yourself, right? ...damn right.

Hours upon hours at the gym, sweating out hot yoga, running marathons of miles and pushing self doubt off a cliff deserve a moment out of the comfort zone of your favorite leggings.

It's time to strut your stuff. And nothing does that like a new bikini that feels like was made to be a part of you.

This is what a custom bikini can bring, a self confidence that embodies all of the facets of who you are.

The journey to pair you with your perfect bikini begins here...

If you love the beach, and the beautiful water and all of the incredible wildlife it supports, then purchasing a personalized or custom bikini is a no brainer. When you invest in a personalized bikini, you are creating custom swimwear you will love for a long, long time-- much longer than some sale bikini that will wear out in one summer and end up in the trash.

Did you know that the US creates over 15 million tons of used textile waste per year? That’s an average of 80lb of clothing waste per person, most of which occurs because clothing doesn’t fit well, becomes worn out due to poor quality, or because the people who bought it didn’t value it. This often happens with generic, off the rack clothing-- it becomes an impulse buy, especially when it seems so cheap.

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