If you love the beach, and the beautiful water and all of the incredible wildlife it supports, then purchasing a personalized or custom bikini is a no brainer. When you invest in a personalized bikini, you are creating custom swimwear you will love for a long, long time-- much longer than some sale bikini that will wear out in one summer and end up in the trash.

Did you know that the US creates over 15 million tons of used textile waste per year? That’s an average of 80lb of clothing waste per person, most of which occurs because clothing doesn’t fit well, becomes worn out due to poor quality, or because the people who bought it didn’t value it. This often happens with generic, off the rack clothing-- it becomes an impulse buy, especially when it seems so cheap.

The reality is that buying cheap off the rack bikinis and swimsuits costs the planet a lot. First, these swimsuits are manufactured en masse in overseas factories that not only pay a dangerously low wage for workers, but they also dump a lot of waste into the environment-- before the items are even sold to the public. After traveling thousands of miles in freight, using more energy and releasing more waste into the air and ocean, they are then sold on the US market, where they are purchased and then discarded by consumers due to fit issues, nasty fabrics, and poor quality workmanship.

Some of these swimsuits are never sold at all-- due to unpredictable buying, downturns in the economy, or unpopular styles, mass made swimwear may end up in a landfill after an unsuccessful season anyway. These are all reasons to swim against the tide and invest in personalized swimsuit.

A personalized swimsuit or bikini is a much more responsible and ethical choice. Aside from the obvious benefits of designing a bikini that looks exactly the way you want, designing a custom bikini with an American maker allows you to vote with your dollar-- in other words, you support the small manufacturers in our country who are fighting to make a superior product that is less harmful to the environment, turning around the clothing industry.

Off the rack clothing is all a guessing game; designers guess at what the public will want to buy that season, whether it’s pineapple halter tops or solid string bottoms, and then let the chips fall where they may. The custom swimwear business model makes way more sense. Instead of producing millions of swimsuits for retail and hoping they sell well, each custom bikini is made for a customer who requests precisely what they desire-- so it’s always the right cut, the right color, and the right price for the person buying it. There’s less waste, and better customer satisfaction.

Another good reason to buy a personalized bikini instead of a generic mass produced one is that your dollar goes to supporting better, more ethical business practices, particularly when it comes to labor and employment. The people who sew the custom swimsuits to order are typically skilled workers who earn a fair, living wage here in the US. When you support the companies who employ such workers, the companies can grow and hire even more skilled workers, mobilizing and empowering the American workforce. You can be part of that just by skipping the sales rack and buying a well-made custom bikini or suit that you really love!

So the next time you’re ready to up your bikini game, put your money where your heart is and order a personalized swimsuit. Swim through the waves, listen to the gulls, and lay out on the warm sand knowing that you’ve made the smartest choice for the protection of the environment and the beautiful beaches you love.